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Things that you must have when your baby get sick


Whenever your baby falls sick, it can turn them into a sorrowful sick baby from a smiling, laughing bundle of joy. The stress and exhaustion that you experience when your baby falls sick is quite relatable. A sick baby needs a lot of attention and care. It is not necessary that your baby gets sick on an average Wednesday. Chances are that he falls sick or have terrible fever at 3 a.m. or just before you are supposed to get on your flight. You can never predict the timing. Sick babies cry a lot. Given below are some of the necessary things for a sick baby that you must have.

  • Thermometer: this instrument is one of the most crucial possessions to interpret a sick baby’s symptoms. If your baby suffers from cough, sniffle, sneeze or cold, how would you know whether your baby is sick or not. The very first step is to check whether he is having fever or not. For this, you need a thermometer. They not only give you the accurate temperature but also indicate the urgent need to consult a physician whenever the temperature goes high. Baby fever is not just that baby feels warm but temperature beyond 100.4 is also considered as fever. Try to buy a digital thermometer rather than purchasing the most expensive and fanciest one. Your thermometer must give accurate reading. This instrument is a must have for every parent who has a baby.
  • Lotions: you must have lotions that are used to relieve a sick baby’s rashes. Sometimes the cold or the virus is accompanied by a baby rash. Your baby can also experience dry skin or irritated skin. Having a lotion or a baby rash cream is very important. It is also known that babies have a sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is prone to allergies and other rashes. In such cases, baby lotions come handy. Massage it all over the back and chest of the baby to relieve the irritation caused by rashes.Things that you must have when your baby gets sick
  • Hand soap or sanitizers: having a baby is a beautiful feeling. You never fail to show love to your baby with all your heart. You tend to share everything with your baby, right starting from the hugs and kisses to germs. Sometimes you might get affected by the baby’s cold and flu. Surviving it can be tricky and can also cause a havoc on household. Instead try to hand sanitizers or instantly wash your hands after handling your sick baby, in order to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Electrolytes: when your baby falls sick, the chances are that they quickly get dehydrated. When they don’t feel well, they do not consume the required amount of fluids. Keeping your ill baby hydrated all the time is essential as it helps their body to fight off the germs. Mother’s milk is the best form of fluid for a baby. But if the baby can’t keep it down, in such cases you need an electrolyte. Pedialyte is a type of baby electrolyte and it comes in different flavours. You should always consult your baby’s physician before you start giving them any kind of fluids.
  • Baby medicine: acetaminophen is considered as one of the best baby medicines. Your baby may get sudden fever or teething pain. In such cases, baby medicine is required to relieve the pain or reduce the fever. Ibuprofen is another baby medicine which is used as a pain reliever and treats baby’s fever. Ibuprofen should be given to babies who are six months and above. Otherwise you should directly recommend a physician.
  • Nasal aspirator: common baby cold is one of those annoying allergies where your baby can get a runny nose. Babies can’t blow their noses and it makes difficult for a stuffy nose baby to drink milk from the bottle. Thus, a nasal aspirator must come as a defence. This helps to remove the mucus from your baby’s nose physically. Besides, these aspirators are super easy to clean.
  • Ointments: sick baby tends to get coughs. Having cream can calm their congestion. There are ointments available in the market which contains eucalyptus, Aloe Vera and scents of rosemary and lavender. When you massage their check, neck or back with his lotion, it helps to ease and soothe the agitated infants.
  • Humidifier: this is required to relieve your baby’s initial cold and flu symptoms. It can help your baby to breathe easily and have a sound sleep.

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If you are having a baby and if your baby falls sick very often, the things mentioned above are a must have. It gives your baby the first comfort. Before using anything, try to consult your physician.