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spring season bedroom makeover

As spring makes its way around the corner, it’s time to give your bedroom a new look! When you want to redecorate your room, you must keep in mind the essence of the season. Remodeling your entire home & redecorating your bedroom both are quite different; a bedroom is a place where sleep & spend your lazy hours. So, you must keep this in mind before you redecorate your bedroom. Because if you don’t to it correctly, it is sure to spoil your mood. So here are some ideas that you can keep in mind when you go for the redecoration & don’t forget to use the discount code to avail exciting offers.

spring season

    • Clean it up – Having stuffed inside the room with all windows & doors closed might have made your bedroom a bit smelly. So as the spring is around the corner, let your windows open wide & let the fresh air come in. Before you go for any renovation, your room must have clean air in it. Do dusting & get your pillow covers & bedsheets into the washing machine.
    • It’s time for bed – As you were your old bedsheets & pillow covers, change the pattern & its color to match the season. Spring means rejuvenation; everywhere you will find new flowers blooming. So why not replicate it in your bedroom. Buy some bright-colored floral printed bedsheets or vibrant colored, beautifully designed pillow covers. You can search for different kinds of bedcovers & then choose your favorite.
    • Change the fiber – Not every material is the same neither it goes with every season. You might have gone with cotton, synthetic or woolen fabrics all around the year. But this spring change the fiber of your bedroom, try linen! This particular material allows the air to pass well, thus giving you a refreshing feeling.
    • Change the flower – Now you must know that every kind of flower denotes every type of season. When spring is around the corner, try ranunculus or Queen Anne’s Lace! You can keep a bunch of them in the vase near your bed stand or by your dressing table. A bunch of these freshly collected flowers can work up great towards the makeover of your bedroom.change the flower


    • Change your room freshener – Now once you have changed the flowers in your vase, you need to change the scent of your room freshener. I would advise you to go for some lavender or rose-based room freshener. Not only will these scents lift your mood but they will also bring in the essence of spring.
    • Try new – Well, with spring knocking at your door it would be a great idea to get yourself a new bed or a small sofa for your bedroom. Try to keep your sofa set in mint color it will not only suite your bedroom but also capture the essence of the season.


Go ahead & try out these ideas while you redecorate your bedroom for spring!