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Weddings have always been there since time immemorial, and the trends and styles keep changing. Adding the latest trends to validate your wedding will make it look fancy and classy. Be able to spice up your wedding by making it unique and memorable. This article lists down different awesome trends you need to know about.


Simple engagement rings

Keep it simple with a timeless engagement ring that you will love and cherish for decades. Forget about the glitter fest engagement rings and appreciate what can last for longer and is still affordable.

Wedding gifts

Wedding gifts are a cool way to remember the wedding ceremony. You can never decline a gift that has been given to you on your special day. If you are in need of special gifts, one can always mention it in their invitation cards. Be sure to appreciate your wedding and the gifts brought.

Casual rehearsal dinner

The couple can always settle for a casual rehearsal clothing the day before the wedding. You can set up a private dinner, lunch or brunch with your friends and family. You can never go wrong with a cute outfit and some good cocktails.

Printed dresses

A bride can never go wrong with a printed dress. They present a personality that shows off your sense of style and how unique you are. You can always buy a ready-made designer printed dress or have one made according to your sense of style and taste.

Custom illustrated invitations

Customizing your own invitation cards is unique and affordable. One can design it with pictures of the bride and groom and write down how they will be happy to have you at their special day. This shows off your designer skills and a completely one of a kind wedding invitation.

Slices of cake for favors

Give your guests a favor that they will not forget. People have outdone monogrammed wedding glasses and mini picture frames. Your wedding cake will serve as the best midnight snack for your guests. Package the cake in cool and cute wedding mini boxes then pass them out as favors.


Piñatas are the newest wedding flower trends. You can find it in all sorts of colors and sizes. They spice up the wedding décor and leave the surrounding places looking sparkly. They are simple affordable and easy to design with.

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